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Unvanquished dev games - Kai - 10-01-2015

[Image: alpha34.png][Image: plat23_dretch.png][Image: perseus_tyrant.png]
Quite a few people have expressed interest in Unvanquished, but think their official developer games are too late in the evening to play (8PM UTC on a Sunday), so I propose that as many of us as possible meet up on the New EDGE Unvanquished server at 5PM UTC every Wednesday. The official Unvanquished dev server is also hosted in the US, so pings aren't as good for us there.

Of course, if you could also turn up to the official dev matches on Sundays that would be a bonus Big Grin

We will be shifting our focus away from Tremulous, and more towards Unvanquished over the coming months as the game is nearing beta. By getting an idea of what you guys like about the game, we can give feedback to the Unvanquished team.

Once they have finished making major modifications to the gameplay, we can begin to consider porting elements of New EDGE to Unvanquished. Because of this, our server will remain unmodified for the time being.

What do you guys think?

RE: Unvanquished dev games - Tremor - 10-01-2015

Better than nothing, why not?

RE: Unvanquished dev games - Swizaw - 10-02-2015

(10-01-2015, 09:06 PM)Tremor Wrote: Better than nothing, why not?

Not showing up,só why not doesn't apply to me Wink
Tired of getting unv shoved down my throat