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New EDGE 1.1 - Kai - 10-26-2015

We are now hosting a 1.1 server with unlagged disabled.

It is currently vanilla, though we may port New EDGE mod to it in the future.


The best client for playing 1.1 is Tremfusion, which you can find here:

Windows: put it in your Program Files\Tremulous folder
Linux: put it in whichever folder you installed tremulous (usually /usr/local/games/tremulous, you'll need sudo to move it there)
Mac: put it in /Applications

RE: New EDGE 1.1 - DragonFly - 10-30-2015

*cries in dutch because he lost his binds*

RE: New EDGE 1.1 - Kai - 11-03-2015

I have updated the top post with information on how to get the Tremfusion client.